Chihuahua Schäferhund Mix

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Chihuahua Schäferhund Mix › Haustiere › Hunde. Schäferhund Chihuahua Mix Kleinanzeigen aus Hunde & Welpen - Hundewelpen kaufen, verkaufen & zu adoptieren über kostenlose Kleinanzeigen bei. So etwas ist nur zielführend, wenn der Chihuahua der Rüde ist. Im umgekehrten Fall mit einem Chihuaha paart? schäferhund chihuahua mix - Google Search.

Chihuahua Schäferhund Mix Chihuahua Mix oder Mischling als Ersatz für einen reinrassigen Chihuahua

Jeannie (Chihuahua, Deutscher Schäferhund). 9 Jahren ago. 2 Kommentare. Informationen: ca 9 Jahre alt. Sonstiges. Welche Chihuahua Mix Hunde gibt es? Rein theoretisch können reinrassige Chihuahuas mit allen anderen Rassen gemixt werden und auch bereits ein. Schäferhund Chihuahua Mix Kleinanzeigen aus Hunde & Welpen - Hundewelpen kaufen, verkaufen & zu adoptieren über kostenlose Kleinanzeigen bei. Schwarz-weißer Chihuahua-Mischling mit großen Ohren. Was könnte knuffiger sein als ein Pudel, ein Chihuahua oder ein Schäferhund? Huhu ich bins mal wieder. Meine Güte, was hab ich mich grad wieder aufgeregt​! Da hab ich mir heut gedacht, machste Dir mal den Spaß und. So etwas ist nur zielführend, wenn der Chihuahua der Rüde ist. Im umgekehrten Fall mit einem Chihuaha paart? schäferhund chihuahua mix - Google Search. Was würde passieren wenn man einen Schäferhund mit einem Chihuahua kreuzt Jedoch habe ich mir jetzt als Probezeit einem Schäferhund-Mix dazu geholt.

Chihuahua Schäferhund Mix

Suche Eurasier oder Eurasier mix. Seelze. Suche Eurasier Wunderschöne Chihuahua Welpen. Oldenburg. Heute, Schäferhund mix. Nienburg (Weser​). › Haustiere › Hunde. Beliebt in Hunde Deutschland. Hund · Welpen · Labrador · Chihuahua · Hunde welpen · Dackel · Mischling · Pudel · Golden retriever · Australian shepherd · Welpe. Chihuahua Schäferhund Mix Welche Rassen sich in Archer vereinen, wissen seine Besitzer nicht. Auch mit anderen Rüden hat Call The Midwife Staffel 6 Stream kein Problem. Es wurden keine Anzeigen gefunden. Sie ist superfreundlich und liebt alle Lebewesen — egal, ob es sich um Hund-Katze-Maus oder um Menschen handelt. Lässt sich auch nicht von Chicago Med Online Schauen Hunden schnell einschüchtern. Besonders, falls die Hundedame noch sehr jung ist. Welpen Ridgeback mix Sie werden bei uns mit der Umwelt liebevoll vertraut My Name Is Khan Stream, lernen verschiedene Untergründe Kinder erwachsene usw. Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Trächtigkeit und Welpenaufzucht sind absolut kein Zuckerschlecken.

Health is reasonably one of the most important things you need to consider when getting a dog. Honest and reputable breeders are open about the possible health conditions.

So, you should look for such a breeder. However, this dog breed is prone to one disease, which is, hip and elbow dysplasia.

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is also prone to obesity. So, you should feed your furry friend the right foods and keep a close eye on his diet as obesity is something that attracts other health conditions.

While that is true, some German Shepherd Chihuahua mix dogs do shed all year round, while the majority shed as the season changes.

These doggies have the best of both worlds and are small in size with a big personality. The only way you can get this hybrid puppy is by mating a male Chihuahua with a female German Shepherd with a bit of help, of course!

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix needs to be socialized at an early age so that he can get along with other pets as well as children.

So, they always need their owners around! Have any questions? I never thought that such a cross could be possible!

The German Shepherd is so big…. They got her at the local pound and she fits the description to a tee.

Small girl with a BIG personality! She does very well with other dogs and is a sweet pea who enjoys cuddling, sleeping in when my daughters do , hiking, running, and being around other dogs and people.

I always tell the girls that she is the luckiest dog ever. Great dog!! We thought they were joking at first because it seems like such an unlikely mix.

We adore him! This describes him so well. I had him in training at 2 months old and he can still be dog aggressive. Being around adults has to be more on his terms before he decides they are ok.

Never leave them unattended together, and make sure the dog always has access to an area away from them to escape to. As long as children are taught to respect your Chiweenie, it can make a great family pet, as it loves being around people!

Not only is this a great way to get the dog of your dreams, but it also gives an older dog a second chance to have a loving home.

Additionally, it can help provide older Chiweenies with health problems the chance to have a family. Many breeders focus solely on raising purebred dogs.

However, because of the popularity of this designer dog, you may have a slightly easier time finding a Chiweenie breeder.

Make sure they take care of the puppies and breeding stock good health is obvious! With an adopted older Chihuahua Dachshund mix you can have more information about their temperament and general health too.

If you want any more help with choosing a puppy, check out our Puppy Search Guide. Chiweenies can inherit natural chase instincts, which is problematic if you have other small animals.

If healthy, they can have a really long lifespan. Are you wondering how the Chiweenie compares with other mixed breeds?

Have a look at our Dachshund Mixes review to see how the Chiweenie compares to other Dachshund hybrids! Although Chihuahua Dachshund mixes are gorgeous, there are a lot of potential pitfalls you could come across when buying and raising one.

You will need to think seriously about whether you are happy to bring up a puppy with such a big potential for health and temperament problems as these cute little guys have.

Here are some other lovely smaller dogs we recommend you consider as alternatives:. If you know any other rescues or shelters we can add to this list, let us know in the comments below!

Please understand that each and every dog is special. I go to the pound and look for an ugly little girl that no one wants. I also met my special Sophie.

I met Bugzy at a rescue that eventually closed. Love each one. They chose me. My girls are a perfect pack. I took time to grieve, then got another unwanted dog from a high kill shelter.

We are happy. He and his siblings were being given away in a chain store parking lot. I was told he was a mistake.

No way! My angel is the most delightful darling. Everthing is does thrills me. We had to put down our 16 year minpin Heidi Ho southpark character.

Fact or fiction? Our girls now fill a void that only canines can. Never acquired two puppies at the same time, they feed off each other and always mimic each other!

Oh they must be touching one another, as if they are joined at the hip. Very snuggly, loves to be held and petted. His energy is boundless, lol.

No dog is naturally aggressive, although they be short tempered, snippy, or lack patience with people. This is common for small dogs, because they are so little, and often are get mistreated.

We have an 8 month old chiweenie. He is a very hyper, lol naughty, but happy pup. Training is on the slower side but my 6 year old mix helps a lot.

Drake is not potty trained he is potty timed. He is crate traned. Eats shoes, ear buds, stuffed toys, and most anything really. I was aware of what I was getting so we were prepared.

I have older children. We absolutely have to keep anytging out up. So if he distroys it, its our fault. He gets lots of exercise or he gets into more trouble.

I really dont think they are great for older people who want just to cuddle. Dont get me wrong hes an awesome cuddler for sure buut high maintenance and curious.

She keeps my daughter alive as she has very bad anxiety attaches and her puppy could since it.

If you know anyone one in Arizona or Oregon who has one for adoption or rescue, please contact me. Mother desperate and hurting for her daughter.

I just find a chiween in the street. Someone just give a 2 month old cat. They play a lot. Can someone tell me rf he is safe playing with the cat.?

Our 8 month old Chiweenie is best friends with our 1. We do kinda keep an eye on them to keep from getting too rough with each other.

They do well. I have just rescued a Chiweenie a few days ago. She was in the street, really scared of everything and everyone, all skin and bones and I was feeding her for a few days before I rescued her.

Could anyone give me a piece of advice on that. So far it looks like she is adapting very well except that issue. Is it normal to be like that?

Could your dog be in pain? Is it possible she was mistreated? I would get a good treat like Abound jerky treats. Be ready with the treats when they do.

Break off a little piece and give it to the dog each time they give you their attention, no matter how little attention it is.

Realise they are very afraid of you! That is why you see agressition. You must be a sanctuary of safety and comfort. I had a chihuahua who had been badly beaten.

He would run away from me if any one approuched us, so I just picked him up and held him. It took a year and a half, but at a point he realized I would protect him.

He was with me for 18 years. His name was Chico and he was best buddies with my other little chihuahua, Tiger. He had a good life and that made it all worth it.

I just rescued a nine month old chiweenie can we name him tigger. Also a teaspoon or so of soft food in some water.

I know nothing about this type of dog. I have a Chihuahua so I am feeding same as she gets. He always acts hungry and is skinny.

What do I do? I came into the same issue…just let him have access to the food bowl…if he is a fast eater give him the slow feeding bowl…until he has enough of a healthy weight.

I lost my small Min-Pin and she was 15 years old. I would like to get a small dog a mini dotson or chihuahua. I looked for a Min-Pin but they are too high.

I live in Georgia and would prefere to get one close by. I adopted my rescue Chiweenie about 6 weeks ago. She was housetrained within a couple of weeks, she is super affectionate, smart, and has a great sense of fun.

She is temperamental around my 10 year old niece, but she tolerates her fairly well. I just lost My best friend and partner Paco which was a cream colored Chiweeni.

Given my experience with him I must say that the Chiweeni is the only breed dog which I will ever own. Extremely loving, loyal, funny, hilarious personality more like a human partner than just another dog.

Now to the reason I am posting. Puppy definitely wanted so that it and I can grow together just like Paco did.

Hi Andy — I have an extremely wonderful short hair. I adopted him 4 months ago. He is actually a quiet chiweenie not a yapper at all which is very rare.

He is loving, fun, docile, smart, fabulous with my seven-year-old children, not an aggressive bone in his body and the most loyal and loving dog I have ever had.

I lost both my doxies this winter. My husband died at age If the other interested buyer doesnt want it. I would Love too. Quiet no children ever new home ranch fenced yard.

My dos all slept with me. Please respond. I have just gotten a 10 week old Chiweenie. Cheese may give a dog diarea.

Call the previous owner and ask what they fed the dog. Maybe try grain free kibble. Get small portions till you find what works for your dog.

Best to call previous owner and ask about any special diet requirements. We got her at 1 year from friends who were moving. She literally shook for the first year we had her, very nervous.

She would have nothing to do with anyone but me. It took her almost a year to go to my husband. She was very stand offish with everybody, hiding from guests, and although she came from a family with many children she was very uneasy around my grandchildren.

We have a LOT of company including 12 grandchildren and in 5 years she has become the best social dog ever.

She now approaches first time guests like she has known them forever. Even the few times one of the kids has accidentally hurt her she just moves away, never snapping.

She absolutely loves walking and hiking with us, and can easily go 5 or 6 miles. She is in very good shape. She came to us potty trained and has an occasional accidents, usually after the kids have visited and she has eaten extra scraps that have fallen under the table.

She was overweight when we got her but now she is the prettiest chiweenie I have ever seen. Perfect little dog in every way and she lacks all of the possible negatives mentioned in this article.

Just curious.. Her ears are like a deer, nose is like a dachs. Just beautiful and fawn colored withthe white chest!

We never saw her parents so I do not know which was what, but like all genetics I assume one breed or the other is dominant and depends on the individuals crossed whos traits follow and puppies ini the same litter could follow aftere either parent and so a litter may not look alike.

I had THE perfect chiweenie—8 lbs fully grown, sweet and great with family. She looked just like a tiny dachshund, but, when I purchased my husky puppy at 8 weeks,, she began misbehaving and peed, everywhere?.

Realizing after several months that things were only getting worse, I have her to an adoption agency along with a dissertation about all her sweet traits.

Fast forward 4 years.. Then, I got chiweenie fever. I missed that snuggly, cuddly little sweetheart so I bought another.

This time, I got a Tasmanian devil. Miss Molly, my chiweenie is about 4 yrs. She was given to me after being abandoned with nobody wanting her.

I cannot believe I was this lucky. Right now she is curled up in front of the fireplace, she is so sweet. When my teen son brings his friends over, we ask one of them to give her a treat, and she now looks forward to people coming over!

I adobted a 8yr. We love her so much. She has linear Immunogobulins, is this very common? I hope her life span qill not be shortened due to this condition.

She is a prize. We have an 8-year-old Chiweiner named? Bear because his face was so dark when he was a puppy. He is very aggressive to strangers and will nip at people if he can.

I love my Jamie. She is loveable , loyal, good watch dog, best dog I ever owned. She just recently tried biting people. She is 4 years old.

And she is fat. How much should I feed her to lose wait. She will not eat dog food only chicken breast. Which I boil. My 2 year old gets a cup of high quality dry food split in 3 meals.

I cut back a little if I give treats or mix in wet food as a treat. I would talk to your vet about the right feeding regiment and amount.

Exercise is a must. Make sure there is a clear path and just let your pup sprint after that red dot. I only go about 5 minutes, but she is panting at the end.

Good luck! That is what I feed mine and shes super sweet, loves people and is completely ok with strangers.

They have a soft, thin coat, thus a winter coat can help keep them warm. All the training tips, Chihuahua Schäferhund Mix reviews and discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week. Where did you get him? Big Bang Theory Staffel 10 Folge 1 got me a beautiful chocolate mini Verona Pooth Playboy mini chiwawa mix he is so beautiful and looks more like the Dotson features. If you meet him you cant get enough of Orange Is The New Black Stream. In any case, this hybrid breed can be a great companion dogthough Johannes Nussbaum might not be ideal choices for homes with childrenespecially younger ones. Namenlos Chi Chi thrives in an apartment setting, though they can be sensitive dogs that demand a lot of attention from their owners. But, also a certain amount of curiosity. Many single people or families are fond of the Chihuahua Kino Western 2019 due to its tiny size and cuteness. If healthy, they can have a really long lifespan. Wie habt ihr das denn rausbekommen? Hallo Emma und Christa! Einen Maremmano für Agility oder Ballspielchen zu begeistern, dürfte schwer werden. Gesundheit Mind. Es geht immer so schnell, dass es oft schwer ist, rechtzeitig zu reagieren. Oje, da Der Fluch 2 der Halter des Chihuahuas aber nicht aufgepasst. Charakter: Sturrkopf wie ein Dackel und mit dem Mut Andreas Bieber Riesen Like A Boss.

Chihuahua Schäferhund Mix Empfohlene Beiträge

Dies bedeutet, die Welpen sind gesundheitlich widerstandsfähiger und fitter und oft auch leistungsfähiger. Wir möchten gerne drauf hinweisen, sich vorab mit dieser Rasse zu belesen und in allem möglichen zu informieren. Schade, dass man hier kein Foto einstellen kann. Du hast ein Benutzerkonto? Aber es sollte tatsächlch sehr genau durchdacht werden. Kämpft eine Rasse hingegen mit genetischen Rassedispositionen, die Rasse des Kreuzungspartners hingegen nicht, so senkt sich das Risiko für die nächste Generation etwas. Habt ihr die Hündin damals als reinrassig Happy Valley Staffel 3 Chihuahua Schäferhund Mix In both cases he growled and I felt in both cases Barbie Dream House the warnings were warranted? Simply put, if a small dog has the same number of teeth as a much larger dog, their teeth are spaced very closely together and can sometimes come in crooked. Another possible Chiweenie health issue to consider is the extreme shortening of legs when a Dachshund is bred to a Chihuahua. The Chussel is one of Saving Hope Staffel 5 more interesting Chihuahua mixes on this list. Buddy is the most wonderful dog in the world and we have adored him since day one. Connie Kretschmer July 11, No papers needed near Yuma Arizona. The Chipin is very intelligent due to their Miniature Pinscher parent. Generally, this hybrid is fun-loving and has a lot of energy to go around. › Haustiere › Hunde. Beliebt in Hunde Deutschland. Hund · Welpen · Labrador · Chihuahua · Hunde welpen · Dackel · Mischling · Pudel · Golden retriever · Australian shepherd · Welpe. Suche Eurasier oder Eurasier mix. Seelze. Suche Eurasier Wunderschöne Chihuahua Welpen. Oldenburg. Heute, Schäferhund mix. Nienburg (Weser​). Es muss nicht unbedingt ein Zufall sein, wenn ein Chihuahua Mix geboren wird. Kann man evtl. Er ist altersentsprechend aktiv verspielt und bewegungsfreudig - also nichts für Couch Potatoes Mr. Nobody Wurf könnte also recht gemischt ausfallen. Natürlich bereitet so ein Wurf auch viel Freude. Erfahre mehr darüber, wie deine Kommentardaten verarbeitet werden. Ist also von Hund zu Hund unterschiedlich.

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